The Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI)

The Progress out of Poverty Index (PPI) is a poverty measurement tool used by MITRATA to quantify the level of poverty of its clients. The PPI is generally country-specific assessment tool that helps institutions measure outreach to the poor, monitor changes in the economic well-being of clients and provide data that helps managers improve the effectiveness of programs and services. Along with the Loan Application Form the PPI form is filled by the Field Officer and the final scores are recorded for future reference. To ensure that the responses collected are correct, the Field Officers are trained during induction about the PPI, importance of PPI and how to collect client responses with accuracy. Following is the PPI Index form that we used:

1 How many people in the family are 0 to 17 years of age? A. Five or more 0 0
B. Four 4
C. Three 8
D. Two 13
E. One 20
F. Zero 27
2 What is the family’s main source of income? A. Labor (agriculture, plantation, other field) hunters, Tobacco preparation and manufacturer and Any other worker. 0
B. Other 8
C. Business person, technician, Clark, administrator, manager, or lecturer. 14
3. What is certain home? (Solid brick, Stone, cement, concrete, wood, tin or tiles or cement sheets) A. NO 0
B. YES 4
4 The main elements for cooking family: Which source of fuel uses? A. firewood and tips, coal or nothing 0
B. Other 5
C. LPG 17
5 5. Is there any telephone or mobile at your home? A. NO 0
B. YES 6
6 In-house bicycle, Scooter or bike? A. NO 0
B. YES 5
7 Is there any house wardrobe / dressing table available? A. NO 0
B. YES 3
8 Is there sewing machine at home? A. NO 0
B. YES 6
9 How many pressure cooker or pan at your home? A. NO 0
B. One 5
C. More than one 9
10 How many electric fans are at home? A. NO 0
B. One 5
C. More than one 9

Qualified Client Classification:

1. Rural areas: <70 points

2. semi-urban areas: >70 points

S. No. Indicator   Possible Answers Points