Stories of changes

A Fresh Start

Life took an unexpected turn for Zeba when her husband, Fukran, 48 met with tragedy on August 2013 while travelling on business from his home town in Moradabad to New Delhi. During the journey, somebody sedated and robbed him and then threw him off the train. Luckily, he was saved.“He was in coma for 15 days. We had lost all hope as he had been critically injured. The incident paralysed his left leg. Since stitching and sale of readymade garments was our main business, his injury ruled out anymore stitching work. And with that started our struggle for survival…” shared Zeba.

With a loan from Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services (MIFS), Zebaand Fukran started afresh. The couple bought a sewing machine and set up a tailoring shop in their house. Zeba took the charge of the stitching while Fukran started cutting cloth. Gradually, as work started increasing, they invested in two more sewing machines and also employed a helper.

Now, they have three sewing machines and one Pico machine. Their daily income has increased from INR 200-300 to INR 500-600/day. Fukran and Zeba together turned adversity into an opportunity and brought their life back on track.

Zeba remains appreciative ofMitrata’s support and also the relationship she shares with the organization. In her words – “Zarurat kewaqt kaam aye,hamari zindagi sudhar gayi aur hamara loan bhi pura wapas ho gaya.” (Translation – The organisation helped us in time of need. Our life has now improved. What’s more, we have also been able to repay the entire loan).

Saqunat's ray of hope

Saqunat is a resident of Bhojpur village in Moradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Saqunat was a daily wage  worker employed in an informal production unit. The work was irregular and she earned a wage of Rs. 100 for a day’s hard work. In order to meet the daily needs of her large family, Saqunat wanted to start a small business of her own so as to have a regular source of income.

During community interactions she came to know of the Mitrata programme. She then contacted the Mitrata team and shared her livelihood challenges as well as aspirations with the Mitrata representative. After a detailed discussion with Mitrata team, Saqunat was acquainted on the preparation as well as skills required to initiate and run an enterprise. Based on this, Saqunat decided to start a small-scale confectionary shop in her neighbourhood. Mitrata team facilitated her in preparing a business plan for the same. Upon review of the business plan, she was provided a loan of Rs. 15, 000, which was invested in starting the shop. Saqunat is self-employed now and a proud owner of her shop. While her income has doubled, her confidence has grown manifold. 


Transforming dreams into enterprise

Abrar, like many other 23 year olds of his age, is filled with enthusiasm, dreams and a hope for the future. Abrar is a resident of Rehmat Nagar in Moradabad and in the final year of B.Sc. In order to take care of his large family, along with his education, he worked in a medical store (till 2012)at a monthly salary of Rs. 2,500 per month. While he had big dreams for his family, theincome earned was too little to cover basic expenses.

Abrar, through his brother came in contact with ATG’s Action for Inclusion (AI) team and shared with them his entrepreneurial ideas (to start his own Medical Store). ATG team not only helped him in giving a shape to his ideas but also facilitated him in creating a business plan for the Medical Store enterprise. After the groundwork, Abrar was provided initial credit support from ATG’s Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services (MIFS) Division to start his enterprise. With his sheer hard work and determination and guidance from the ATG team, Abrar is successfully running his medical store.

In his own words – “This was my dream and ATG helped me realize it. I have been able to repay the entire loan from the income generated through this store and I now plan to take another loan to further expand my enterprise. In future, I dream of becoming a wholesaler for medicines and shall again seek support from ATG for the same. ATG’s helpful staff and flexible repayment facility gave me the courage to not only take credit but also initiate my own enterprise.”

Dream on, Abrar!

Daily Wage Labour turned Entrepreneur

Tabrez is a wage labour, who lives with his mother and grandmother in Rehmat Nagar, Moradabad. Tabrez worked in a brass factory as a scraper/moulder and earned an average wage of INR 150-200 per day. Despite the long hours of work, the income earned was insufficient to meet the growing family expenses. Tabrez’s family situation became particularly worse when he fell sick and had to go without work.

In a state of despair and in need of support, Tabrez came in contact with the ATG team. ATG team counseled Tabrez, ascertained his skill set and motivated him to initiate an enterprise. Tabrez decided to set up a scrapping unit. ATG helped him in preparing a business plan for the same. For setting up a unit he needed INR 40,000/-, out of which he had INR 25000. He had known about Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services through his friend. He knew that MIFS provides loans on simple terms and conditions. 

Once the plan was firmed up, Tabrez applied for a loan of Rs 15,000 from ATG’s Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services to set up his unit. Upon receiving the loan, Tabrez started his scrapping unit and started mobilizing work orders from the factory in which he previously worked. Since this work was not enough,he started approaching more factories for work and soon started getting more work orders. With steady work orders, Tabrez’s daily income has now increased to INR 500-600 per day. With growing work, he is now planning to employ two workers in his unit and also start production of brassware. He now dreams of expanding his work and providing employment to others in his community.                        

A better roof, a better life

Saroj lives in Mahoharpur Village of Umri, Moradabad with her husband and two school going children. Saroj’s husband works as a wage labour in a brassware factory. With a single income earner, the family barely makes enough to cover their daily expenses. With meager income, Saroj’s family could not afford to build a cemented roof for their kitchen, which resulted in poor health and hygiene of the family and frequent illness. The situation was particularly compounded during rainy season.

Saroj decided to approach ATG MIFS team to discuss the possibility of a loan to repair her kitchen. Looking into her situation, she was given a loan of INR 10,000 to build a cemented kitchen. On being asked why did she not take credit from any other institution, she shared -  “ATG does not cut down any money in advance from the loan taken. Also, the process is transparent and simplified which gave us the confidence to take a loan without any apprehension.”

When a family blooms

48 year old Hamsiran lives in Manoharpur Village of Umri, Moradabadwith her husband and six children. Her husband is a carpenter and the main income earner for the family. In order to support their father and contribute to family income, her son’s decided to initiate enterprises of their own.

Her elder son Akram, who had done a Diploma in Computer Application decided to start a computer shop. Hamsiran and Akram approached ATG’s Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services (MIFS) and took a loan of INR 20,000 for the enterprise. With this loan, Akram purchased a computer and other equipment’s of use.

Now Hansiran’s family earn an additional income of INR 800-1000 a day from both shops. She is happy that both her children are settled with their own enterprises and generate a fixed income.

A tempo drive to dreams

A 42 year old ITI in Electrical (Fitting) from Chandausi, Chhuttan lives with his two sons and wife in Manoharpur village of Umri, Morabadad (Uttar Pradesh). He worked as electrician for 22 years, before he witnessed an eye problem. Then he started working at a furniture shop in Moradabad. Life was a struggle until one day, while getting back from work, Chhuttan boarded a tempo to travel. That was when an idea of buying a tempo struck him.

Chhuttan began gathering money for it. His savings were short by Rupees 10,000. Chhuttan rejected the idea to go to any local money lender as they had an inappropriate behaviour. He knew Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services (MIFS) through an interaction he once had with a representative. He contacted local In-charge and asked for loan process. Soon after sharing the plan, Chhuttan got the loan amount.

Now, Chuttan owns his tempo and is also planning to purchase another auto soon. He proudly shared that without MITRATA it would not have been possible. He says “aapne mere sammankobachayaaurwaqt par kaam aye. Khushimiliaap logo se milke” (You save my self esteem and you helped me in the time of need. I am happy to meet your team).