Mitrata Inclusive Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. (Mitrata) is a NBFC-MFI, providing credit facility to the marginalized, excluded and vulnerable groups for enterprise development and other essential needs.

Mitrata aims at the economic upliftment of the poor and marginalized across all religions, castes and communities. Mitrata implements activities to provide marginalized households with easy access to financial services including access to credit and insurance.

Majority of the beneficiary households supported by Mitrata belong to the marginalized groups including religious minorities, Dalits, marginalized farmers, daily wage workers, very small self-employed vendors, rickshaw pullers, primary producers such as brass workers, weavers & other artisans.


Message from the MD

Mitrata, as the name suggests, embodies two core principles: Friendship and Inclusivity.

When we were conceptualizing Mitrata, the promotors asked themselves- Why do we need another NBFC MFI in the country when we already have so many functional ones. This made us undertook a systematic study and our research revealed that there are deep rural pockets which are still financially excluded. We realized microfinance should be a means to improve the social and economic status of those at the bottom of the pyramid, not an end itself. Thus, Mitrata chose to work in these deep rural pockets, with over 20% of our clients being new to credit, highlighting the need for microfinance.

Governance is key for Mitrata. We have three independent directors from diverse fields to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and to stay focussed on our mission and vision.

Mitrata's genesis is rooted in development background and impact orientation. Our vision is to create a positive impact, ensuring our interventions improve the social and economic status of women beyond just the borrowers of the loan. For us the client protection and transparency is very critical, we tailor our services to meet client needs, rather than imposing our products on them.

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Client Stories
Heartfelt stories of changed lives of some of our beneficiaries. Read them for inspiration of hope and to ...

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Products & Services
Mitrata provides credit facility to the excluded and vulnerable groups for enterprise development ...

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Operational Highlights
Mitrata is currently operating in 5 states- Bihar, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh

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