Financial Inclusion for Blue-collared workers

Every year, around 300,000 blue-collar workers migrate to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, seeking better opportunities in sectors like manufacturing, construction, hospitality, healthcare, and domestic work. However, these semi-skilled and unskilled workers often find themselves vulnerable to forced labour conditions, debt bondage, and financial instability.

High poverty and unemployment levels in their home regions, combined with peer influence and local recruitment agents, drive these workers to migrate. Unfortunately, traditional financial institutions view migration as risky and refuse to provide credit, forcing migrants to rely on local moneylenders who charge exorbitant interest rates. This financial insecurity not only affects the migrants but also leaves their families back home, particularly female members, without access to loans and social security benefits.

Recognizing these challenges, Mitrata launched an innovative product as safe migration loan designed to protect aspiring migrants and their families. This innovation ensures financial security, shielding migrants from debt bondage and financial distress. By providing stability to families, especially women, the loan empowers migrants to return home if they face exploitation or forced labour conditions in the GCC. It also prevents distress migration by offering a safety net in case of physical disablement or accidental death due to occupational hazards.

Mitrata’s safe migration loan goes beyond financial support. It includes practical training modules to equip migrants with actionable information, reducing their susceptibility to misleading advice and ensuring they make informed decisions. This comprehensive approach not only safeguards migrants from the start of their journey but also supports them in any malignant practices they face.

Through this initiative, many migrants have benefited from increased financial stability and protection from exploitative practices. Mitrata's commitment to creating a secure and supportive environment for migrant workers and their families exemplifies the positive social impact that thoughtful financial innovations can achieve.